Best Speed Bag Platform: The Top 8 Picks

Speed bag platforms are often an overlooked component of the whole speed bag set-up, but did you know that if you're equiped with the best speed bag platform, your speed bags will perform significantly better?

Speed bag platforms that are made of high quality steel and wood will last longer and provide better rebounds for all speed bags attached. So speed bags rely on the surface they strike after you hit it with your fist, and the rebound or response of the speed bags rely on how it bounces off from the speed bag platform.

In this article, we talk about the different kinds of speed bag platforms as well as the key factors you need to take note of before ordering the best speed bag platform for yourself.

Fixed vs Adjustable Speed Bag Platforms

Speed bag platforms fall under two categories: fixed speed bag platform and adjustable speed bag platform. Let us briefly talk about each kind and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed Platform

A fixed platform, as easily derived from the name, is a speed bag platform that is installed at a fixed height and can no longer be adjusted to go higher and lower (unless removed and installed on a different position, which is time-consuming).

Fixed platforms are good for gyms that have a variety of speed bag platforms installed at different heights. Fixed platforms are also good for home gyms wherein only one person (or multiple persons of similar height and reach) will be using them.

An added benefit is the lower price point and fewer moving parts, as the more moving parts there are, the more maintenance it would require (lubrication, cleaning, etc.).

Adjustable Platform

An adjustable platform is a platform that is installed in a fixed position but can be moved up and down, to accommodate fitness enthusiasts of different heights and reach.

This is usually the better option for gyms that have a limited number of speed bags, as well as home gyms that are used by multiple family members or residents of different sizes.

The downside to this kind of platform is the additional moving parts or mechanisms as this would require greater care and maintenance. Improper adjustment practices would also lead to wear and tear, making this type of platform less durable than its fixed counterpart.

Key Qualities to Look for in a Speed Bag Platform

speed bag platform with swivel


As discussed in the previous section, adjustability is a feature of certain platforms that you may or may not require.

Try to analyze who will use the speed bag and how it will be used.

If you alone will be using the speed bag, or if you plan to have multiple speedbags at different heights at home or in the gym, then adjustability should not be a major concern for you.

If you only plan to buy a single speedbag, for use by different family members or residents at home, then it would be better to go with a platform that has multiple adjustment options. Target a 12-inch to 14-inch adjustment range for the best adjustability.

Drum Quality

Drum quality is what we believe to be the most important aspect of a platform as this is what decides the performance, rebounds, and response of the speedbag itself.

All other parts (support bars, brackets, etc.) can be easily reinforced or fortified but a poor quality drum is hard to remedy.

Different brands utilize different kinds of wood and coating for their drums, each offering various strength, quality, and durability levels.

We recommend that you refer to our list of best platforms below to have an idea of what kind of drum to pick in terms of quality of wood, thickness, and diameter.

Bracket and Frame

The bracket and frame materials will dictate how stable and sturdy the speed bag workouts are going to be.

It is important that the materials used for these components are thick, rigid (but flexible enough to allow for impact absorption), and heavy (an indicator of durability).

If you have a poor support set-up, then you will not be enjoying or maximizing your speed bag drills and exercises.

Choosing the Right Speed Bag Platform


As is the case with most products, the brand or manufacturer plays an important role in determining the quality or reliability of certain gear or equipment.

In the case of speedbags and platforms, you would be safe with products manufactured by Everlast, Twins, and Valor Fitness.

There are other lesser-known brands in the market that deliver the same, if not better, quality platforms, but we recommend that you do your research and pick only the best platform from their line-up so you would not regret your purchase.


Size is also an important consideration when securing a platform.

The standard size of the drum of the platform is 1 to 2 inches in thickness and approximately 24 diameters in diameter. This should be good for most speedbags in the market.

Also, consider the mount and frame as you may need a bigger allotment in terms of ceiling clearance or wall space if the frame occupies a bigger portion.


As discussed earlier, the materials used matter.

Make sure to check if the quality of wood and metal used are good, sturdy, and thick. Most brands today offer inexpensive yet good-performing materials that would allow you to perform your bag workouts properly.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the price point, the better the materials used overall for the creation of the platform.


The thickness of the drum or strikezone dictates how the speedball would react to your strikes and how it would rebound from the platform.

One-inch drums are generally good for casual use and in certain cases, can be used for intensive workouts (as long as the material is good and durable).

For heavy-duty platforms, a thickness of one and a half inches (or more) is usually observed.

We recommend going with thicker drums for better rebounds and more accurate speedball response.


The design of the entire platform is also important, but may not be as important as the factors mentioned above.

If you are planning to have a platform that matches the design or theme of your room or house, then try to check different products of different brands.

Everlast usually sticks to the simple colors while other brands like Valor Fitness and Twins have unique designs and product offerings.

The 8 Best Speed Bag Platforms

There are so many products to choose from nowadays. This makes the equipment-buying process so complicated.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled the best speed bag platforms in the market, including a few sturdy and heavy-duty options and some portable options good for home gym use.

Any speed bag platform from this list will be suitable for your needs, but take note of our best speed bag platform in the last section of this article. Can you guess which of the following we prefer the most?

1. Valor Fitness Speedbag Platform

thick speed bag platform

If you are looking to invest in an extremely durable and sturdy adjustable speed bag platform, then the Valor Fitness Speedbag Platform is one of the best choices for you.

This product is a speed bag with platform set, so you do not have to worry about getting compatible parts. It also comes with the best speed bag swivel under the chain link category we have experienced but some may prefer other types such as the ball and hook or u-bolt swivels.

This is a very thick speed bag platform. This product sports a 2-inch thick high quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) base that significantly enhances stability and efficient energy transfer from even the hardest of strikes.

Another spectacular feature added by Valor Fitness is the ease of height adjustment, allowing for a 12-inch adjustable range of motion.

If you have a home gym that is used by many family members or residents, then get this speed bag platform as it is truly one of the best speed bag platforms from Valor Fitness.

adjustable speed bag platform

For those looking for an affordable adjustable speed bag platform from a reputable brand that knows how to produce high quality gear and equipment, then the Everlast Speedbag Platform would be a good choice.

Primarily designed for home gym use, this speed bag platform has a one-inch thick strike board (drum) that is 24 inches in diameter.

Ease of installation is also an advantage for those planning to install one at home.

Rebound and response are good with this platform, and there is height adjustment, too. This speed bag platform is excellent for beginners trying to practice their precision and rhythm.

If mounted properly, this speed bag platform will fit every type of speed bag exercise or drill with minimal vibration, but for those who are hard-hitters, this may not be the speed bag platform for you.

heavy duty adjustable speed bag platform

MaxxMMA comes with a heavy-duty competitor in the speedbag platform market, the MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform.

If you are looking for a simple design that would be able to match the rustic theme of your home, then this adjustable peed bag platform is one you should heavily consider.

The platform has a thickness of 1.5 inches and a diameter of 24 inches, ensuring proper stability and minimal vibration.

The product also includes the swivel and speed bag so there is no need to worry about looking for other parts (however, wall mount hardware is not included).

For a company that is not as big as the other brands in the boxing scene, MaxxMMA has delivered flawlessly with this speed bag platform. It is extremely sturdy and well-built for its price point.

best home speed bag platform

If you have a relatively small personal gym or area for exercise equipment, the Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform is perfect for your situation.

This product is arguably one of the best convenient and high quality speed bag platforms available today (in our eyes, second only to the succeeding entry in this list).

This speed bag platform sports a V-frame bracket built from 11 gauge steel tubing. The drum itself is 1.25 inches thick, providing solid rebounds for high-performance drills and workouts.

For budget-conscious individuals looking for a compact yet adjustable speed bag platform that is as sturdy as its bigger competitors in the market, get this speed bag platform.

portable doorway speed bag platform

If you are looking for an ultra-convenient speed bag platform that you can bring with you anywhere, to any home or household, get yourself the EZspeedbag Portable Doorway Speedbag Platform.

This speed bag platform is advertised as the first high-performance, professional-quality speed bag that only takes a few minutes to install and is compatible in any 27-inch to 42-inch doorway.

This is a great option for those who travel a lot. You can set this up in the doorway of your hotel bathroom, in a boarding house or dorm, and even in gyms or health clubs that have no speed bag platforms installed.

The integrated heavy gauge steel tubing is also a plus, as it provides extra stability and good rebound, but do not expect this product to be as good as the heavy-duty options in this list.

forza sports adjustable speed bag platform

Forza Fighting Gear, a company based in the Netherlands that was founded in 2017, has produced several of the best boxing gear and equipment, including the Forza Sports Speedbag Platform.

This product is one of the more premium-priced entries in this list, and for good reason.

This adjustable speed bag platform consists of a durable V-frame bracket made from 11 gauge steel tubing and the drum itself is 1.25 inches thick.

The platform is powder-coated with a durable, glossy finish not just for style and design, but also to provide good response and durability.

This speed bag platform also comes with the company's hypersonic swivel, one of the best swivels in the market today.

title boxing speed bag platform

We cannot have a complete and comprehensive boxing equipment list if we do not mention the wonderful offerings of Title Boxing. With the brand's first entry, we present to you the Title Boxing Speedbag platform.

This heavy-duty, high quality speed bag platform is made with expert design and industry-leading quality control.

The lack of high-arching supports is intentional, as this speed bag platform is designed for low-clearance rooms.

The drum itself has a thickness of 1 inch, but the board itself is coated with Formica, a surface solution that provides a beautiful finish and longevity or durability.

This product comes with a professional steel swivel but the speed bag and additional wall-mounting hardware are sold separately.

title boxing precision adjustable speed bag platform

Last but not the least, we have another entry from Title Boxing. For those looking for a more premium version of the previous Title product, the Title Boxing Precision Adjustable Speedbag Platform is made just for you.

This platform weighs in at approximately 70 pounds, indicative of an extremely durable and heavy-duty build. The steel frame is designed for professional workouts and intensive use at the gym.

The laminated wood drum is built for lightning-quick rebounds that are accurate and responsive to each strike you throw.

The height adjustment range is 14 inches, so this piece of equipment should be compatible with fitness enthusiasts of different sizes.

The speed bag is not included but the package comes with Title's pro-style swivel and the necessary hardware components.

If you want to get a platform that is built to last, consider this as one of the best speed bag platforms.

How to Set Up a Speed Bag Platform (Plus Installing the Swivel and Speed Bag)

In this section, we walk you through the basic steps to get your speed bags and platforms up and ready for you to work out with.

However, take note that not all speed bags and speed bag platforms are set up the same way. It would be best to refer to the instruction manuals that came with the product for more accurate guidance.

Speed Bag Platform Installation

  1. Find an area or location in your home gym or room to mount the speed bag platform.
  2. Mark the necessary dimensions where the support beams of the speed bag platform will be positioned.
  3. Mount the support boards and support bars in accordance with the marks on the wall.
  4. Connect the speed bag drum to the wall mount or bracket.
  5. Check if every component is properly fastened/attached.

Speed Bag Swivel and Speed Bag Installation

  1. Once the speed bag platform is set, and if the drum is not accompanied by a swivel, screw the swivel onto the center of the drum.
  2. Once the speed bag swivel is securely attached, hang your speed bag on the swivel.
  3. Check if every component is properly mounted and attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How thick should a speed bag platform be?

For most speed bag platforms, a thickness of 1 to 2 inches is sufficient, as long as the drum is made of quality wood. If you have a home gym, a speedball platform with a drum thickness of 1 to 2 inches is considered to be a thick speed ball platform that will remain stable even with daily use. Aside from thickness, also get the diameter and the height adjustment options of the platform.

2. How do you make a speed bag platform?

To make your own speed bag platform, you would need screws, wood, adhesives, gauge steel, and a heavy-duty shelf bracket to hold up the board. The wood will serve as the drum. Screws and adhesives will be used to ensure that everything is properly attached and fastened. 14 gauge steel should be a thick enough steel panel to provide additional support and adjustment options to the platform. You can get all of these materials from your local hardware store.

3. Do speed bags make you faster?

Although speed bag training primarily improves hand-eye coordination and endurance, you will also experience a noticeable improvement in the speed of your punches. The more you practice and get a hang of speed bag drills, the more accustomed your brain and muscles will be to the required motions in order to execute a punch, especially with regard to the mechanics from the shoulder to the elbow to the wrist to the fist.

4. What is a speed bag good for?

A speed bag is good for hand-eye coordination, endurance, timing, rhythm, accuracy, precision, and speed. With repeated use, the speed bag also teaches the athlete to always keep the arms and hands up which is an important aspect of the fight game. Even if you only plan to get a speed bag for casual use or weight loss reasons at your personal gym, consistent use will lead to all of the aforementioned benefits.

Conclusion (Plus Our Personal Favorite)

Shopping around for boxing gear and equipment can be quite challenging if you do not know what to look for and how to differentiate premium builds from low-quality offerings.

Hopefully, with this guide, and several of our other guides on this website, you can be confident with your boxing gear and equipment purchases.

As for our personal favorite speedbag platform, the award goes to the Title Boxing Precision Adjustable Speedbag Platform.

Based on our experience and the feedback of professional fighters, speed bag response and rebounds are amazing when connected to this particular platform, and for good reason. The build quality and engineering done with this product are top-notch.

It is also a heavy-duty product, so there are no worries here for the harder hitters, making it the overall best speed bag platform.

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