Best Boxing Gloves for Kids: Top 5 Youth Picks

If you had recently entered boxing, combat sports, or some forms of elite sports, you would quickly realize the numerous benefits that this type of training can bring! You would soon find out that having kids learn boxing while they are young will also result in the same benefits. However, we must also have the right gear to train safely, which is why it is important to provide the best boxing gloves for kids.

The art of boxing in particular teaches people about discipline, perseverance, willpower, and grit. Plus, it is not the boring kind of learning that kids typically avoid. Training in boxing is as fun as it is exhausting, both mentally and physically.

With a variety of youth boxing gloves available online and in combat sports stores, choosing the best may be a daunting task.

We got you! In this guide, let us look into the important factors to consider prior to purchasing a pair of boxing gloves, training gloves, or kids gloves to ensure a safe and enjoyable training experience for the kids.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boxing Gloves for Kids

Whether you like it or not, there are several things to consider when looking for the best boxing gloves, especially when it comes to kids boxing and kids boxing gloves.

When looking for a pair of gloves, you have to realize that no two pairs are completely identical. Below are the important factors to consider when purchasing training gloves for kids:

Foam Padding

Currently, most boxing gloves utilize some mixture or combination of foam padding in their gloves. The two broad categories of padding are layered form or injection-molded foam.

Injection-molded foam, as the name would suggest, is a type of foam that is molded into the shape of the gloves and helps support the desired shape or design of the gloves.

Layered foam provides a bit more density and variation in terms of protection. Depending on the manufacturer, gloves could have different kinds of foam within them for particular areas (knuckle or contact point area, back of the hand, palm of the hand).

When picking gloves, consider what kind of foam padding is best for the kid in terms of safety and comfort.

Weight of Kids Gloves

In tandem with the foam padding is another important consideration, that is the weight of the gloves. The more cushioning boxing gloves have, the heavier the gloves will be. The heavier the gloves are, the larger they will be in size.

It is therefore important to find a balance between weight, size, and foam padding. Gloves do not have to be exceedingly heavy but they also have to provide the best possible form of impact and injury protection.

Training Intensity

Training intensity has to be identified before purchasing kids boxing gloves. Do you plan to make the kid the best in combat sports or elite sports? Do you want the kid to have the best moments of their life in the gym? In tricky situations, do you want the kid to be able to stand up to bullies or mean people twice their size? Do you want the kid to have a casual and enjoyable experience and just make the best out of their youth?

The questions above may seem as philosophical as they are practical, but as an adult, you have to take note of how hard the kid will go into training before picking out the best gloves for him/her.

Material Used

Manufacturers typically use synthetic leather, leather, or vinyl when producing kids boxing gloves.

Parents usually go for vinyl boxing gloves as they are lighter, more affordable, and readily available in various options and colors. However, we would recommend using material that is more durable and more representative of what professionals use - synthetic leather or leather kids boxing gloves.

A good pair of synthetic leather kids boxing gloves is just as good as, if not better than, actual leather boxing gloves.


You would also have to look at how the kid/kids plan to use the pair. Will heavy bag training be involved? Are there going to be light sparring sessions? Is it all about footwork drills and shadowboxing? How often will they be used?

Different kinds of kids boxing workouts require different types of kids boxing gear. Make sure to identify how training is going to be.

Wrist Support/Closure

Boxing gloves, and even kids boxing gloves, come in two forms of closure or wrist support: lace-up and velcro closure options.

In actual matches and hard sparring training sessions, lace-ups are typically used. This is because these kinds of boxing gloves provide a snug fit, reducing the likelihood of slippage. The downside to this kind of boxing gloves is the difficulty of putting them on and taking them off, which is why boxing gloves that feature velcro closure are more commonly used.

Velcro closure gear are recommended for heavy bag drills, light sparring sessions, and regular training sessions, particularly in kids boxing. The risk of slippage is greater, especially when the velcro closure is not properly strapped on, but a good quality pair have appropriately designed closure systems to mimic the lace-up pair of boxing gloves.

In addition, coaches or trainers would find it unreasonably difficult and time-consuming to always have to remove the lace-ups and would much rather prefer a velcro closure pair.

Hand Wraps or Inner Gloves

Like peanut butter and jelly, no pair of boxing gloves are effective without a pair of boxing hand wraps.

Although the gloves themselves offer the greatest cushioning and support, the hand wraps are meant to provide additional shock absorption and sweat control. You would also need hand wraps to maintain alignment and to help you form fists with your hands inside the boxing gloves.

If possible, try out your potential gloves along with a pair of hand wraps to ensure the proper size, fit, and feel.

Youth Boxing Glove Sizes and Weights

boxing gloves for kids

There are a few standardized size and weight charts that can be used as guides for picking the best gear for kids, but there is still variation across different brands and regions.

To have a rough estimate of the sizing for kids, use the chart below as a guide:

  • Small (S) - 6 inches - 15.5 centimeters
  • Medium (M) - 6.5 inches - 16.5 centimeters
  • Large (L) - 7 inches - 18 centimeters
  • Extra Large (XL) - 7.5 inches - 19 centimeters

As for the weight, anywhere from 6 ounces to 12 ounces would be suitable for kids (as compared to the standard 8 ounces to 16 ounces for adults).

Again, consider the purpose, as well as the size and strength of the kid who will use them. In general though kids will usually have smaller hands than adults, so you will most likely look for a pair of boxing gloves for small hands.

Top 5 Boxing Gloves for Kids

You will not go wrong with your boxing gloves purchase as long as you keep in mind the factors that were mentioned here. However, we have prepared the top 5 gloves (in no particular order) for kids just so you have a starting/reference point.

1. Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

best kids boxing gloves

The Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves are designed for beginners who have just been introduced to boxing. The gloves are produced using synthetic leather and sport a curved shape that is perfect for kids' hands. To enhance safety and comfort, these gloves feature multi-density foam padding.

These gloves come from a reputable brand and are produced in Thailand under strict quality control measures.

youth boxing gloves

The Sanabul Essential Youth Boxing Gloves contains a unique gel-infused foam that offers superb protection and softness to help minimize the likelihood of injury to the kids' hands. On the outside, the performance-engineered leather material is durable and easy to clean or maintain.

Unfortunately, they are only made in sizes 8 ounces and up, but these gloves would still be an ideal pair of gloves for the relatively bigger kids.

rdx kids boxing gloves

The RDX Kids Boxing Gloves were specifically designed for training in Muay Thai, but can also double as a decent pair of gloves for boxing. The gloves are made of premium Maya Hide (synthetic) leather, which allows room for softness but also maximizes durability.

These gloves are generally offered in the 4-ounce and 6-ounce variants, which are ideal sizes for kids. This is a good pair of gloves for sparring in Muay Thai. They are also good for use in other drills or exercises involving punching bags, grappling dummies, and focus mitts/pads.

everlast leather training gloves

Everlast, a well-known brand, brings another classic - the Everlast Leather Training Gloves. When it comes to this company, you are assured of high-quality health and fitness equipment and apparel.

These offer sufficient wrist support and flexibility for young beginners.

These gloves also sport air flow technology, allowing for breathability to provide added comfort and to minimize the growth of fungus and bacteria, which is important if you plan to keep and maintain the gloves for years to come.

venum challenger 2.0 kids boxing gloves

Yet another great product from the House of Venum - the Venum Challenger 2.0 Kids Boxing Gloves perform as good as they look.

Designed for kids with larger hands, these gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather that provides great resistance and durability.

They are also very flexible and comfortable inside, allowing your kids to get used to wearing them quicker.

Similar to the previously mentioned product from Venum, these gloves have high-quality padding, a velcro strap closure mechanism, and excellent weight distribution, allowing for a more natural feel and response.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boxing Gloves for Kids

Before we end this guide and talk about our most preferred youth gloves, let's run through a few of the more common questions asked about the topic:

1. What size boxing gloves should a 10 year old wear?

A 10 year old kid would need 12-ounce gloves. At this stage, kids would typically have the requisite strength or power to maintain a proper stance while keeping the hands and arms up with the gloves on. This would also help build strength and endurance for the upper body.

2. What size boxing gloves does a 7 year old need?

A 7 year old kid would need 6-ounce gloves. This is the most appropriate size for this age group as it is slightly heavier and more protective than the 4-ounce glove and would allow room for growth and development as the kid ages.

3. What is the smallest sized boxing glove?

The smallest size boxing glove is 4 ounces. These gloves are typically for kids aged 3 - 6 years old. They are lightweight and offer minimal cushioning, but this should not be a cause for concern as kids that age do not have the sufficient power to cause injury to themselves when striking or punching.


Based on the entire discussion, choosing the right gloves for a kid may seem like rocket science, but that is not necessarily the case.

As long as you are a well-informed buyer who has taken all the considerations mentioned above to heart, you would not go wrong with picking the best gloves for your kid or young individual.

Remember, you have to find the perfect pair by identifying the age of the kid, the purpose of the gear, the needed protection and padding, the design and closure system, and even the accompanying gear such as the hand wraps.

As a rule of thumb, purchase only from reputable online vendors or retailers to ensure that you get authentic training gear as it is very common for these types of products to be counterfeited and made using low-quality materials.

Our Top Youth Boxing Gloves Choice

As for our favorite, we would go with the brand that was mentioned twice in our top 5: Venum, and in particular, the Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves.

Not only does the product description present championship-level quality and performance, but all the features of these gloves are also cream of the crop. When it comes to safety, durability, performance, and style, these boxing gloves are the best kids boxing gloves you can get in the market. 

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