Best BJJ Mouthguard in 2022 [Top 8 Reviews]

A mouthguard is a small, rubber-like protective device that fits into your mouth and protects from impact to your teeth. It is widely used in contact sports to prevent injuries.

There is a lot of information out there for mouthguards related to other sports like MMA and boxing. But today we are going to discuss the best BJJ mouthguards for you to choose from.

The Importance of a Mouthguard

A question we often get asked is, 'should I wear a mouthguard in BJJ?'. The answer is a strong YES.

Here's why.

Like every other combat sport, Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes go through a lot of punishment while competing and rolling. There is always a risk of impact on your teeth. Getting a tooth chipped or broken can cause a lot of problems for your facial aesthetics and a hefty bill at the dentists' office.

People invest in expensive headgear, cool shin pads, branded gloves but keep a low-quality mouthguard. We believe that is the first investment you should make because your smile is irreplaceable.

Most of the time insurance doesn't cover accidental dental issues. A small mistake like that can cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. Better to be safe than sorry.

For those reasons, one should always wear a mouthguard to provide protection against a broken jaw and bankruptcy.

What Makes a Great Mouthguard?

BJJ Mouthguards

When choosing the best BJJ mouthguard for your pearly whites, it's important to make sure it has the following qualities:

  • Property thickness
  • The right fit
  • Allows comfortable breathing
  • Allows you to talk comfortably
  • Does not gag or choke
  • Does not have a taste or odor
  • Sits perfectly in your mouth
  • Is long-lasting

Types of Mouthguards

types of BJJ mouth guards

There are three types of mouthguards for BJJ available in the market:

  1. Boil and Bite
  2. Stock
  3. Custom Fitted

Boil and Bite Mouthguard

The boil and bite mouthguards are readily available at any sporting goods store. This mouthguard is usually designed from a thermoplastic material.

To use it, simply place your mouthguard in boiling water. Once it is soft, place it in your mouth and bite down to ensure the mouthguard takes the shape of your teeth.

This is your go-to mouthguard if you are looking for a perfect fit.

Stock Mouthguard

This is a ready-to-wear mouthguard that is also easily available online and at any sports equipment store. These are usually inexpensive and not your go-to options.

A stock mouthguard provides more problems than protection. It is difficult to adjust, makes breathing harder, and does not always fit properly. But if you are low on the budget, having something is better than having nothing.

Custom Fitted Mouthguard

If you have the time and money, a custom-fitted mouthguard is the best option to choose. A custom-fit guard can cost you more than $100 but it is worth the money.

Usually, a dentist takes a cast mold of your teeth. Then the mold is used to make an identical form of your teeth so the mouthguard can sit perfectly.

This is an expensive procedure and takes a little longer to receive, but these days companies send out kits for you to mold at home and then send it back to the manufactures.

Single Sided vs Double Sided

Mouthguards are further divided into two types. Single-sided and Double-sided.

Single Sided

The single-sided mouthguard is for the protection of the upper teeth and provides unhindered airflow. For most athletes it the best BJJ mouthguard.

Double Sided

The double-sided mouthguard protects both upper and lower teeth. It is a complete protective environment for the mouth.

Now you might be thinking that you should opt for the double-sided mouthguard. But the obvious choice is not always the smartest.

A double-sided guard has the following cons:

  1. Harder to breathe in
  2. Not always comfortable
  3. Does not allow proper swallowing
  4. Damages the teeth because of constant grinding

What to look for in a Mouthguard?

Keep the following factors in mind when choosing your mouthguard.

Right Fit

To have the maximum protection for your teeth, make sure the mouthguard fits perfectly in your mouth. The best option is to use double-sided mouthguards if you are wearing braces, to avoid any cuts or lacerations.


Make sure the guard is of optimal thickness and provides a cushion for your teeth. It should not be too thick as it can cause breathing problems and it should not be too thin as it will not protect your teeth from impact.


The final factor in choosing your mouthguard should be its design and style. A personalized BJJ mouthguard can have your favorite logo or custom text printed on it. This is more readily available in custom mouthguards. According to your liking go for the fit, comfort, and quality of the guard. Style and design come in the end.

How to Mold your Mouthguard

how to mold a mouthguard

Molding a mouthguard is going to be an easy process as long as you follow these directions properly.

  • Heat a pot of water until it reaches the boiling point
  • Submerge your guard into the boiling water for 30 seconds or as instructed in the manual
  • Grab a tong and pull out your mouthguard safely
  • Now submerge your guard into a cup of cool water for at least 10 seconds or as instructed
  • Make sure the guard does not burn your mouth, cool accordingly before placing it in your mouth
  • Push the guard in and bite down lightly but firmly
  • If the guard does not sit properly, repeat the process until you have a perfect fit

How to take care of your Mouthguard

Once you have invested in a high-quality BJJ mouthguard, ensure proper maintenance. A high-quality mouthguard can last you for a long time if you take proper measures to clean and store it.

Wash It Regularly

To avoid the foul smell and bad bacteria accumulating on your guard. Establish a proper cleaning routine. A simple option is to use warm water and soap right after you use it.

On a regular basis, use your toothbrush to brush your guard until it is clean. Do not use toothpaste as it can be harsh on the material of the guard.

If you want to go a bit further, dip your guard into a hydrogen peroxide solution or a denture cleaner for a few minutes then let it air dry.

Keep Away Moisture

Keep your mouthguard dry when you are not using it. Moisture can enable bacteria to form on your mouthguard which will create a foul odor on its surface. The best way is to air dry your guard and let it sit in the sun for a while after you clean it.

Keep it in the Case

When you are done using your BJJ mouthguard, put it back in its case. Make it a habit to keep the case clean and put it back after every use.

If you follow these simple steps regularly, your guard will last you a long time.

The Best BJJ Mouthguards

1. Shock Doctor Pro

shock doctor pro mouthguard for bjj

Top-rated, easy on the pocket, tough, durable and comes with a guarantee. This Shock Doctor Pro is an all-rounder. The Shock Doctor is going to save you from unnecessary shocks and injuries.

The shock doctor pro has a thick frame with multilayers. It sits comfortably and provides an adequate amount of protection against high impact. This is the best option for all martial arts.

It can also sit properly if you have braces. The shock doctor has a shock-absorbing bumper that easily deflects impact and vibrations.

shock doctor gel max bjj mouthguard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max is an inexpensive and high-quality protector for your teeth. It comes with a gel fit liner which lets your teeth make a proper fit. This is one of the best BJJ mouthguards.

It is incredibly comfortable and comes with an option for tethering. The exoskeletal shock frame provides significant impact and shock protection.

This one is not recommended for people with braces. There have been some complaints about the guard being a bit bulky. This is the case for kids or adults with a smaller mouth. So if you have a more defined jaw, this one is for you.

best mouthguard for bjj

The Venum "Challenger" is one of the best mouthguards for BJJ. It is easily the highest quality mouthguard on the market. It can be used for not only BJJ but Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA as well.

The challenger mouthguard comes with an impressively small size but high durability. It fits perfectly and provides maximum airflow.

It has a gel frame that ensures the mouthguard sits comfortably in your jaw. This is one of the most comfortable mouthguards on the market. It is soft, flexible, and durable.

The only downside to the Venum Challenger is its size. It fits perfectly for small and medium-sized jaws but can be a little uncomfortable for larger individuals.


The Venum Predator is a single-side boil and bite mouthguard. The guard has a durable rubber shell and a softer moldable gel on the inside. From Venum, it is the second-best BJJ mouthguard after the Challenger.

This guard has three layers which provide extra protection from impacts. The guard has a great aesthetic design that lets you breathe, communicate and swallow easily.

The Predator is a bit bulky and might take some time to get used to. However, if the adjustment is made properly, it will be a great option for your dental protection.

Pro Tip: The best option is to remold your guard if it does not sit properly the first time.


The Sisu 1.6 Aero Guard is one of the highest-rated mouthguards on the market. Considered to be an all-time great, it can be used for any contact sport.

The mouthguard may seem thin but it offers the best protection against impact. It has a comfortable fit and unrestricted airflow. You can communicate with ease, breathe properly and drink water without a hassle. The Aero Guard is long-lasting and durable.

However, we do not recommend this mouthguard for higher impact sports such as boxing or MMA. It is a lightweight guard that is more suitable for BJJ and grappling athletes.


The Sanabul Single Boil Mouthguard is a bite and boil mouthguard. The guard has airflow technology which makes it easy to breathe in. It is so lightweight that you will barely feel it in your mouth. The lightweight features make the Sanabul Single a great choice for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, lacrosse, and hockey.

This feature makes it easy to boil and mold accordingly. Not only that but the maintenance on this mouthguard is relatively quite easy. All these features and the price make it a worthwhile investment.

We recommend not boiling the guard too excessively as it may cause it to deform. Boil it only for a few seconds and let it cool for a quarter of that amount, place it in your mouth and bite down accordingly.

impact custom bjj mouthguard

The Impact Customer Mouthguard is a highly-vetted mouthguard that has stood the test of time. This is one of the only mouthguards that lets you choose the thickness of the guard. The typical range goes from 5mm to 7mm. Impact uses 100% BPA-free plastic to produce this product.

The mouthguard is the tightest fitting among all of the listed products. That is because it is a custom-fitted guard. On ordering one, you will receive a molding kit from the company.

Simply use the mold to give an impression of your teeth and ship it back to the company. A craftsman will use that impression and make a unique custom-made mouthguard for you and ship it back.

The only downside to the Impact Custom Mouthguard is the price which can cost you more than $100. In the custom fit range, Impact makes the best BJJ mouthguard. So if you can afford it, buy it.

shock doctor double braces bjj mouthguard

The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard is for athletes who wear braces. Shock Doctor is one of those companies that provide a warranty for their guards which makes gives you ease of mind. The guard is made from medical-grade silicone and fits perfectly without boiling.

The guard covers both upper and lower brackets of your mouth and prevents lacerations from braces. It sits comfortably in the mouth and protects the mouth from high impact and absorbs shock.

The guard is highly adaptable to growing mouths. It is the perfect option for kids, teens, and young adults.

In Summary

The Venum Challenger Mouthguard takes the crown for this one. The Challenger is loved by athletes in MMA, BJJ, and Boxing.

It has a beautiful aesthetic shape, a perfect fit, and an amazing price. The Challenger provides high value for money and maximum protection.

Venom Challenger is an overall protector for your teeth, gums, lips, and jaw. The advanced gel frame provides comfort and the rubber frame actively disperses the shock to the stronger teeth.

The Venum Challenger comes with a small carrying case and an instruction manual. To avoid any fitting problems, buy the right size and mold the guard according to the provided instructions.

Good luck choosing the best BJJ mouthguard.

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