Best BJJ Gi Brands: Top Picks

The world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu clothing has incredibly talented designers from shorts and rash guard choices to an incredible range of the best BJJ Gis. With the increased popularity, new providers have joined the market but recognizing the best Gi brands helps to choose quality every time.

In selecting our top brands we took into account numerous factors including costs, fit, popularity, quality, fabrics used, style and weight to ensure the advice we give you is consistent with the quality you expect.

In buying a trusted brand, you should check their longevity and popularity and who has been at the top for churning out constant quality. Let’s look at the best BJJ Gi brands available so when you choose your next Gi, nothing may go wrong.

Top 5 Gi Brands on the Market

Our BJJ Gi brands list isn't ranked in order of preference but shows who we like that provides the best quality. However, we do have one favorite that we review but we will let you find out along the way who we think are the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi providers.


Sanabul are amazing for making combat sports accessible to everyone with many different, well made, affordable options of rash guards, gloves and excel at creating the Gi also. Their range of best kimonos are value for money and comfort that are strong enough to match your gameness over a long time even if it is your first Gi. People who love to train numerous days a week, find this affordability much more important as time goes on. A variety of their options are made preshrunk, lightweight fabric design to remove the concern about the size changing after a wash. A Sanabul Gi comes with a free white belt as an added bonus to your purchase. 

Despite the low cost, they are up there with some of the top BJJ Gi brands out there and offers many International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) approved options.


Fuji are another brand synonymous with many different martial arts. They were founded in 1969 by Frank Hatashita who was president of the International Judo Federation and a major lobbyist for getting Judo recognized as an Olympic sport. The similarity of the two sports and kimono or Gi allowed for an easy switch into the BJJ market that brought with it many options.

Fuji do a wider range of Gi sizes than most competitors with A0-A6 options catering to all sizes. They provide many different single weave Gi and double weave jacket options and go way beyond when it comes to styles also. The Fuji All Around model is accepted as one of the the best Gi options overall for training and competition by all levels of jiu jitsu practitioner. Fuji are true pioneers and make sure to give you great choices beyond the white/black color options typically offered.

Elite Sports

Elite Sports have really found their niche in creating some inexpensive, lightweight good Gi options. What they do different from most of the lightweight Gis out there, the Ultralight from Elite Sport is designed and approved for IBJJF. The antibacterial and antimicrobial fabrics used by Elite Sports counter some of the problems experienced with many Gis through sweat dispersal and the chance of getting an infection.

Despite being on the cheaper end, they are durable with great protection in stress areas, reinforced stitching and high performance ripstop pants . The pre-shrunk weaves means you are not going to have to worry about clean washing in cold water and air drying the Gi as it stays a perfect fit. This is especially helpful when you are training multiple times a week. They even have youth options which cannot be said for all BJJ Gi companies.


Scramble have been making serious strides in the combat sports world. The UK based contender provides lots of different great lightweight Gi options approved for competition and used by some of the top BJJ athletes. Scramble's pearl weave and double weave Gi designs are Japanese influenced with stunning embroidery on the back and side, lining and logo way beyond the average three colors of white, blue and black jiu-jitsu Gis one might usually find throughout the industry. One of the alleged cons is they run slimmer but they are actually ensuring that you get a great competition Gi that is both stylish and durable.


Kingz have always been an absolute great in the jiu jitsu community for their entire 30 year history. Their commitment to innovation is amazing as they continue to provide the Gi of choice for Bruno Malfacine and Leandro Lo who hold a combined 14 IBJJF titles. Kingz build nothing but high quality durable Gis that give comfort you want from the first to last wear. They ensure comfort by designing the inside of the Gi to be extra soft. They tend to be pricier but one thing you are assured is the long lasting quality with anything you purchase from Kingz.


With a name that means peregrine falcon, a different level of exceptional quality built can be expected from Hayabusa. They are top of the pile for so every MMA product you might need. The rash guards they provide are out of this world and the Gis are on a similar level. Hayabusa are another of the best BJJ brands committed to constant advancements and their profile in multiple sports help their cross pollination of ideas and successful technologies.

Hayabusa are expensive but give extreme value for money. Light weight, pearl, double and gold weave cotton options with stunning designs without over complicating things rank high in the competitive stakes. Almost all of their jiu jitsu Gi options are IBJJF approved and incredibly comfortable.

And Finally Our Favorite… Tatami

Tatami and jiu jitsu go hand in hand. They are the peak of success and popularity in the sport and trusted to over deliver on the promise of premium quality every single time to the point where you believe nothing could go wrong. This is evidenced by their extraordinary sponsored athletes JT Torres and Michele Nicolini who are up there with the best in the world.

Typically Tatami will occupy a middle of price range allowing most practitioners to enjoy their quality. They are a good cut for all body types. The jewel is the attention to details and really understanding their customers needs. Most options are slim fitting and high enough quality and durability to never stretch. They are breathable and comfortable and many have a hybrid ripstop material usually found in Gi pants and rubber collar on the jacket to stay reinforced but also avoid moisture being absorbed. These types of features are a staple for Tatami and firmly establish them as one of the best BJJ Gi brands available. 

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