Best BJJ Belts in 2022 (Top 8 Jiu Jitsu Belts)

Like every ancient martial art, the belt is an indicator of the hierarchy for an individual. Similarly in BJJ, the belt shows the ranking of the athlete. A small part of the attire, the belt holds significant value in terms of honor and pride. Here, we will discuss the best BJJ belts you can get your hands on right now.

The Importance BJJ Belts

A BJJ belt takes years of hard work to achieve. The belt holds the symbolic nature of the athlete's hard work and dedication to the sport. Athletes compete for decades to reach the highest levels.

The BJJ belt commands significant respect among the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu circles. The higher you go, the higher you are respected and revered. Once an athlete achieves a certain ranking, he or she will be wearing that belt for a long time.

The tenet of self-respect demands that the belt should be of premium quality. Some may neglect this part but we believe that attention to detail is the key to looking sharp. Something that took you years to achieve should not feel cheap and low quality.

We believe you should invest in a high-quality belt that looks good and handles the punishment from grueling training sessions. Assuming you are here, we believe you are looking for the best BJJ belt you can get your hands on.

The BJJ Belts Ranking System


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt system is divided into five belts and one honorary belt. They are given out based on a practitioner's skill level and the time they have been training for.

White Belt (2-3 years)
Blue Belt (2-4 years)
Purple Belt (2-5 years)
Brown Belt (3-5 years)
Black Belt (10 years)
Red Belt (Almost 50 years)

The IBJJF has created a system that regulates the practitioner's time at each belt before they are promoted. The BJJ belt system is described as follows.

White Belt

The first belt in the BJJ belt order is the white belt. It takes around 2-3 years of regular training to move forward to the next belt.

Blue Belt

The blue belt comes second in the BJJ belt levels. The blue belt takes 2-3 years to achieve and another 2-3 years to move further.

Purple Belt

To achieve the BJJ purple belt, an athlete has to go through almost 5-6 years of accumulative training. Although this rule is not set in stone, BJJ grading requires a certain amount of experience for further promotion.

Brown Belt

In the BJJ belt ranks, the brown is the second last belt to achieve. It takes almost an 8-year effort for an athlete to reach this high level. It takes a grind of another 2-3 years to move on from this level.

Black Belt

In all martial arts, there is a prevalence of a black belt. But unlike other martial arts, the BJJ black belt takes a gigantic amount of effort to achieve. The black belt takes a minimum of 10 years to achieve on average. Athletes that are gifted acquire rankings earlier, but that varies from gym to gym.

Red Belt

The Red Belt is an honor that is reserved for grandmasters only. It is something that takes almost 50 years to achieve. Unlike other martial arts where belts are handed out regularly. BJJ belts are only acquired through dedication and hard work. The red belt is an honor that is reserved for those who served the sport and provided great contributions to it.


Grades or degrees are rankings among the black and red BJJ belts. These are earned based on the level of experience of an athlete. Degrees are displayed in the form of black and white bars on the belt. The degrees are as follows

  • 1st and 2nd degree
  • 3rd to 6th degree
  • 7th and 8th degree
  • 9th and 10th grade (Red belt)

The 9th and 10th grades represent the red belt in BJJ. These are reserved only for the grandmasters who have significant contributions to the sport. An athlete has to hold an 8th-degree belt for 10 years before being eligible.

To obtain the red belt, one must be a black belt for 48 years. Two of the most notable figures to obtain the 10th-grade red belt were the founders of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Helio and Carlos Gracie.


Many academies reward their students with stripes on their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belts. This practice was put in place to motivate young students because it takes years before they get their next promotion.

Typically, academies give out 4 stripes per belt. This practice varies from gym to gym and there is no standardized guide for it.

Choosing the Right Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belts

choosing the right bjj belt

Choosing the right belt is very important because it completes your armor. Not only does it have an aesthetic value to it, but stopping every few minutes to re-tie the belt can be annoying.

It's important to consider a few things before buying Jiu Jitsu belts. These include the size, color, brand, fit, and thickness.


The size of the belt is the most important aspect in selecting your BJJ belt.

You should select the size of the belt that is equal to the size of your GI. The belt is usually a bit longer than your waist because it goes around a couple of times before knotting.

You want the belt to be the right fit as a longer size can cause the belt to slouch down, which will enable your opponent to grab it. It should be not too short because then you will not be able to tie it properly.

Initially, tying the belt can be a little confusing so the best route to take is to ask the seniors for help.


The color of Jiu Jitsu belts represents your rank. You cannot go around wearing a higher rank than you are. Make sure the belt has a distinct shade with high-quality material.

Over time the fabric of the belt can get torn down and color starts fading. If you have invested in a high-quality belt, this will not be a problem for you. You may also want to consider the color of your BJJ Gi.


The thickness of the belt can be measured by the feel of it. This is a subjective matter and varies from person to person. However, we recommend the belt be not too thick as it will be harder to tie knots.

Neither should the belt be too thin that it slides out on every small pull.

IBJJF has regulations towards thickness so make sure you adhere to those rules during competition.


There are high-quality brands and then there are low-quality brands. When choosing the best BJJ belt for yourself, go for the quality.

High-quality brands use high-quality materials. These brands have recognition in the community to provide top-notch gear.

A high-level brand might be expensive but the quality will make up for it. Good brands have great fittings that will last you long.

So what is the best BJJ belt brand?

Some of the most popular and recommended brands are Sanabul, Venum, Hayabusa, and Fuji just to name a few. We believe these to be the most reputable.

The Formula - What Size BJJ Belt Should I Get?

To wear the accurate size belt, here's an easy to follow formula:

(Waistline cm x 2) + (Hang Length cm x 2) + 30cm for knot = belt length

As an example, if you have a 76 cm waist along with jacket measuring 25cm long, this is how the length should be calculated:

(76cm x 2) + (25cm x 2) + 30cm = 232cm = size 3 belt

For a single/one wrap belt don't multiply waistline by 2. For those having problems with the calculation, we recommend getting a longer belt that shrinks with time or manually cuts for adjustment.

How to Tie your BJJ Belt

There are several methods to tie belts in BJJ. Follow these steps to tie your BJJ belt.

  1. Identify the halfway point of your belt.
  2. Tie it around your waist, below, or over your belly button.
  3. Make sure both ends are well adjusted with similar lengths.
  4. The right strand will go under all the layers of the belt.
  5. Secure the layer and tie a knot with both ends.

The Best BJJ Belts in 2021

There are numerous guides out there for BJJ belts. A lot of them are outdated and not up to the mark. We have compiled a list of the best BJJ belts in 2021 in terms of price, quality, durability, and style.

1. Sanabul Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Pro Belt

premium bjj belt

Sanabul is a name that is heavily invested in BJJ gear. The company has been making world-class belts for a long time.

Sanabul offers a wide variety of belts from a medium price range to a low price range. The belts come in all sizes for adults, teens, and children.

Sanabul offers all colors for all ranks in BJJ. From white to black, the company provides high-quality material for their belts. The colors are solid which will not fade over time.

The belt has an IBJJF standard thickness which is adequate for competition. The thickness is relative to stiffness so keep in mind that it will take some time to work it down to a comfortable level.

The material on this belt is durable and long-lasting. A good quality belt like the Sanabul Pro should last you a couple of years, take the punishment and earn you those stripes.

All in all the Sanabul BJJ Pro is a great choice if you want quality and money to go together.


  • Durable and heavy
  • Premium quality material
  • Wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Retains color and integrity
  • Affordable


  • Sizing might not always be correct

mid range bjj belt

Hayabusa 2.0 Adult Jiu Jitsu belt is a midrange BJJ belt. The brand has developed an excellent belt with reinforced stitching and high-quality material.

The Hayabusa 2.0 comes in all traditional colors for BJJ including white, blue, purple, brown, and black. The material used in making the belt is 550-gm gold spec-weave material as well as 12 oz twill cotton.

This makes the belts more durable and enhances their ability to take damage while rolling. The belt is lightweight so it will not be stiff while you tie it.

Overall, The Hayabusa 2.0 is affordable, high quality, lightweight, durable and stylish. There is not much more one can ask for.


  • Gold spec-weave material with 12 ounces twill cotton
  • Durable double stitching
  • Lightweight
  • Rich colors
  • Great style


  • Pricey

most expensive bjj belt

Talking about BJJ gear and not including Venum is not possible. Like every other brand, Venum competes to give its consumers the best in everything. Venum has a standard for making the best BJJ belts.

The Venum BJJ belt is a 100% cotton belt. It is quite thick but matches the IBJJF standards. So if you are wearing it for the first time it may feel rigid. The belt comes in all colors and is resistant to fading.

After some time the rigidity will soften and the belt will be considerably easy to tie. This is the most expensive BJJ belt on the list. However, it is a premium BJJ belt with the best quality.

Overall, the Venum BJJ belt can be used for children, beginners, and all sorts of practitioners.


  • 100% cotton
  • Rugged and durable
  • Great style
  • Retains integrity and color


  • Pricey

fuji bjj belt

One of the best belts in the market, the FUJI premium cotton blend is loved by many people.

FUJI creates premium quality, inexpensive belts. This belt is lightweight, durable, and has a beautiful aesthetic to it. It also comes in all colors sizes.

The FUJI BJJ belt is the only company that makes junior BJJ belts. They have options of orange, yellow, grey, green, etc.

The best thing about the FUJI BJJ belt is that they make these from premium quality cotton. They are a little stiff and moderately thick but they tie with ease. The belts can withstand punishment on the mats and last for years before they fade in color or go bad.

Overall, the FUJI BJJ belt is an excellent choice. Great quality, affordable prices, and a wide variety of belts for everyone. This is the belt you can buy with closed eyes.


  • 100% premium cotton and premium weave
  • Great stitching
  • Amazing fit
  • Durable and rugged
  • Available in all sizes and colors
  • Good price


  • None

ronin bjj belt

The Ronin BJJ belt is one of the best belts out there. It has a great price and a lot of quality.

This flashy belt is made from cotton and poly. With tough stitching and sewn ends, this belt is made to last. The belt can withstand heavy punishment and look classy while taking it.

Ronin provides sizes from A1 to A5 for their belts. The belt comes in colors from white to black. Like all other belts the Ronin is stiff but gradually softens upon use.

All in all, the Ronin BJJ Gi belt is a great choice. The colors are solid, the belt is flashy and the price is affordable.


  • 100% cotton with a poly layer
  • Best stitching
  • Durable yet comfortable
  • 2-inch width
  • Available in all colors and sizes
  • Retains shape after several washes


  • The colors are dull

gameness bjj belts

The Gameness Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt is an old name in making belts. They have been in the game since 1998 and provide a good quality belt.

Gameness makes belts that will stand the test of time. Even with numerous washes, the color will not fade. The reason is their material. Gameness uses 100% cotton and 8 rows of quality stitching for their belts.

These belts are not as stiff as their competitors and have an agreeable texture to them. This allows you to tie them any way you like without any irritation.

The belt is thinner than others, with a softer material, that is why it is not up to competition standards. So if you are competing, the judges might object to it.


  • Bold colors
  • Durable and rugged belt
  • 1.5-inch width
  • Retains color and integrity
  • Quality stitching
  • Best price


  • May not be of IBJJF standard

excellent quality g4 vision bjj belt

The G4 Vision is a new addition to the Brazilian jiu-jitsu realm. The G4 vision makes belts that are designed by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. A belt of the people by the people.

The G4 is made from top-quality cotton for extra strength and durability. The company boasts that the belt will last you for years during competitions and training. It is available in all sizes and colors.

It is relatively easy on the pocket and provides high value for money. The best quality of the G4 is it is fitting and ability to stay on your waist during tough sessions on the mat.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great fit, style and price
  • Tough and durable
  • Retains integrity


  • None

cheapest bjj belt

The cheapest belt on the list is the Ring to Cage BJJ Belt. But do not go only by the price tag. The Ring to Cage BJJ belt is a rugged belt that you should buy as a second option.

It comes cheap and provides high value for money. If you are a coach or a gym owner who needs spares for anybody who has forgotten their belt. We recommend buying a ton of these and stock them.

These belts fit great, look great and stand the punishment. The belt is made from 100% cotton and available in all colors and sizes.

This can be your first option too if you are a little low on the budget. As the colors, stitching, and finishing on this belt are of workable quality. In our opinion, the ring to cage does the job perfectly.


  • Best price on the market
  • Great side option
  • High value for money
  • 100% cotton
  • Rugged and durable


  • Sizing might be a problem
  • Not the best-looking belt

In Summary (Our Winner)

There could be no other winner in this category than the FUJI Premium Cotton Blend BJJ Belt.

A premium quality belt that is loved by thousands of users. Fuji has outdone themselves in this category.

The company not only makes premium-grade belts in BJJ but other martial arts as well. One of these is Judo.

Whether you are a white belt or a black belt, FUJI will never let you down. These BJJ belts are simple yet effective. The colors do not fade over time, the stitching is robust and durable and the material is pure cotton.

While we have chosen FUJI to be our winner, the runner-up in this category is the VENUM BJJ Belt.

You can choose any one of the best BJJ belts mentioned in the list here. Just make sure the belt you choose is comfortable, durable, and aesthetic. Good luck!

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