Best Battle Ropes: The Ultimate Guide

There are endless benefits to using battle ropes as part of your workout routines! It may come as a surprise to some that battle ropes are actually one of the more budget-friendly gym gears to add to a home gym. With the best battle ropes, you can train in a number of ways and they're known to improve your cardiovascular health and stamina, as well as strengthening and toning muscles. They're an all-rounder!

Whether you want to work inside or outside, another advantage of the battle ropes is that they are easy to move. Depending on how hard you are willing to work, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute on the ropes, plus some more as your body is going to be working hard post-workout with muscle shakes and sweating.

Battle ropes can be used for a total body workout as you work your back, shoulders, legs, core, and chest simultaneously. This dynamic exercise is sure to give you the results you want, whether that’s fat loss, strength, conditioning or improving your endurance. You name it, battle ropes are almost sure to provide it!

Whether you are new to this, or a seasoned veteran, this guide intends to help point you in the right direction when it comes to how to correctly use the ropes, workout routines, things to consider and our very own top 6 recommendations of the best battle ropes.

What are Battle Ropes?

Workout ropes can look intimidating at first, however, once you pick them up and give it a go, you will reap the rewards of a battle rope routine. Sometimes it can get boring doing the same old things, so forget the weights, forget the treadmill, and give this a go.

Now, if you are new to exercise ropes, it’s advisable that you use a smaller and shorter rope until you become a bit more comfortable and familiar with the ropes. A battle rope is often manufactured using polypropylene and polyester, and poly dacron, however, we will cover more of this later.

How to Use Battle Ropes

There are endless battle rope exercises, however, you must familiarize yourself with the training rules to prevent you flailing and flopping about. Remember to adjust the resistance, try different directions – not just your bog-standard up and down, but side to side in order to work that core. Also, try and make a habit of using battle rope exercises. Using them once in a blue moon will not produce any results.

There are two classic battle rope workout exercises that you can use as the foundation of your rope journey.

The first is ‘Rope Waves’, you hold each of the ends of the rope, extending your arms to be just over your knees. Your hips must be shoulder-width apart and you should brace your core by going into a half squat. Your arms will alternate going up and down. The more power you put behind it the more calories you will burn.

The second maneuver is called ‘Rope Crossovers’, with this exercise you will hold onto the ends of each rope, lift them above your head to either your left or right side and then slam the rope down to the opposite side to what you had chosen previously.

Once you have familiarized yourself with these two killer workouts you will be able to master any variation of rope exercise.

Battle Rope Workout Routines

battle rope training

There are endless types of workout routines that you can use on the battle ropes. We'll go through a couple of the best battle ropes exercises here but if you end up needing to expand your horizons then fear not as you will have to work really hard in order to run out of rope routines.

First and foremost, you have to learn the ropes (excuse the pun). You must have a strong standing stance, with your feet firmly on the floor.

Secondly, ensure that you have a good grip on the rope.

Finally, remember, it is not a game of tug and should not be tugging at the rope. Here are some of the different variations of rope workouts.

Russian Twist Slam

If you are looking for a killer core workout, look no further as the Russian twist slam will have your obliques burning. For this one, you will need to be sitting down on the floor. Lean back and hold the rope in both hands. If you can, you then lift your feet up – without leaning too far back, and then slam the battle rope from side to side.

Once you have got the move down, try doing 3 sets of 30 seconds with a 30-second rest in between. Sometimes with this maneuver it can be tempting to hold your breath, but it is really important that you control your breathing.

Battle Rope Wave

As previously explained with this one, you need to hold the end of the rope in each hand, at roughly arm’s length. Your arms will be alternating as one arm, for instance, your right arm will flick up and your left will flick down, creating ‘waves’. Bend your knees and avoid being too stiff in your stance.

You will want the movement to be smooth and fluid. Have a light grip and remember to flick the rope, not tug it. If you are familiar with the ropes, try going for 40 seconds on with a 20-second rest, twice through. However, if you are new to this, start slow and focus on getting the movement right, with 20 seconds on and 40 seconds’ rest. You can start to build up from there.

This battle rope routine will be a killer for your upper body.

Power Slams

The power slam exercise is an intense full-body plyometric workout. Plyometric exercises are intense exercises that burn lots of calories quickly, as well as improving strength and agility.

Similar to the waves movement, you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and go into the slight squat position, keeping your back straight and engaging your core. Hold the end of the rope and have each them at your sides, bring them up with force and then with all your power slam the battle rope back down.

Repeat this for 30 seconds on and then 30 seconds off for 3 rounds to 5 rounds depending on your fitness level.

Jumping Jacks

The jumping Jack maneuver will take the wind right out of you as it gets your heart rate racing! It is essentially doing jumping jacks while holding onto battle ropes. Nice and simple.

You will hold the end of each battle rope with your hands and have your elbows bent. As you jump out, your arms will be brought up out to the side and then slammed back down as your feet jump back together. This move is great from strengthening your shoulders and also works the obliques too!

It is certainly a test of endurance, however, if you can do 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off then that’s great! If not, don’t worry, just try to do 30 seconds on but allow yourself a longer rest so that you can catch your breath. These rope exercises can be tough, so you might have to play around with the timings in order to get the best results for you.

Things to Think About When Buying or Using Battle Ropes

There are lots of things to consider when buying/using the best battle ropes for you. Things such as weight, material, length, width, shrink caps, durability and flexibility all come into play when finding what’s best suited for your workout.

1. Size & Weight

You might be wondering what size battle rope should I get? If you are a beginner to the battling rope, then it is advisable to begin by using a smaller, lighter rope. This way you can hone your form before increasing the resistance, which will come from using a heavier and longer rope.

Rope can also vary in their width, so if you are new to all of this, then the optimal width for you would be a rope with a 1.5-inch diameter. Whereas for someone who is quite comfortable on the ropes then they would be likely to use a rope that's 2 inches in diameter.

2. Flexibility

An effective battle rope will have decent flexibility. Whilst a stiff rope is good for building strength, overall, they become ineffective when it comes to circuit and HIIT training.

3. Materials & Durability

The final key point to consider when purchasing the best battle rope is durability. You want to invest in ropes that have a strong and durable material. Some materials are more inclined to fray than others.

The best battle ropes to use are manufactured from strong polypropylene and polyester or a Poly Dacron. Sometimes a mixture of materials is used too. These materials are constructed and specifically designed to be wear-resistant so that the battle rope does not fray over time.

Additionally, these materials will often be waterproof, so if you are using them outside you can do so whatever the weather. The best battle rope should have heat shrink caps on the ends to stop fraying and to protect your hands from friction.

Top 5 Best Battle Ropes

There are several brands that have produced high-quality battling ropes, and so, we have picked out a few favorites to help you figure out which may be the best battle ropes for you. Whether you're a long-standing pro or a complete beginner, the following recommendations have something for everyone! Below we have set out our top 6 best battle rope recommendations and summarized the pros and cons of battle ropes.

1. GEARDO Battle Rope

best battle rope for training

*Best Battle Rope for Training

The Geardo battle rope is a renowned favorite among the fitness community. The rope itself is made of 100% Poly Dacron designed in a 3-strand twisted technique to reinforce the durability and strength of the rope. The rope feature 7.5-inch heat-shrink handles that allow for more room to grip. Additionally, they are made of a rubber-like material that prevents your hands from slipping when they start to get sweaty. Your hands will feel as though they are molding to the ropes!

Friction and fraying will be no problem for this rope as it is covered in a nylon sleeve. It's designed for outdoor use and indoor use, so you can use this rope almost anywhere.

The Geardo Battle rope is available in 30, 40 and 50-foot lengths, with 1.5 inch and 2-inch options for the width. If you are a beginner or just want the best battle ropes at home, it is best to use with a shorter rope and with the 1.5inch thickness. This is because the longer and thicker the rope, the more challenging it becomes.

All in all, the Geardo 100% Poly Dacron battle rope is a reliable and versatile option that is built to last. It has sizes that cater for all abilities, making it a worthy investment regardless of what fitness level you are at. It isn’t the cheapest option going; however, it is definitely going to be a long-lasting option that will be a good value for money.

best battle rope for beginners

*Best Battle Rope for Beginners

The ZENY battle exercise rope is made of high-quality, high-strength polyester, in a 3-strand twisted design that prevents wear and tear, and fraying. It is an undeniably heavy-duty battle rope, that has been designed to be a long-lasting rope no matter how rigorously you slam and whip them. The rope is covered with a 600D Oxford waterproof protective sleeve ensuring longevity.

If you are looking for a versatile rope then look no further as this rope serves an all-rounder, whether you want to train for stamina, sculpting or general coordination of the body, this rope can provide it all. The ends of the battle rope feature ergonomic heat shrink caps that are made of a rubber coating to assist with your grip and enhance durability. These features will protect your hands as the rope will not slip in your grip causing friction burn.

This specific Zeny battle rope comes in black, is 30ft long and 1.5 inches in diameter. This particular product is probably best suited for those who are new in their fitness journey. If you are looking for a dynamic, full-body workout, that doesn’t leave your wallet totally empty then this is definitely one of the best option to consider.

best battle ropes for home gym

*Best Battle Ropes for Home Gym

The Firebreather battle rope is best known for its grip enhancing design. It uses a longer heat shrink cap at the end of the rope so that those with bigger hands have more room to grip. This allows our large-handed athletes to focus on the training as opposed to focusing on issues of grip or friction.

If you have no idea what you are doing, or if you just need a mix up in your exercise routine, then you’ll be pleased to know that this battle rope come with a foldable workout poster! It features 30 exercises to get you results you want.

Another great advantage of the Firebreather battle rope is that they come with a durable fabric anchor, so you can set up your home gym inside or outside without it being damaged at the anchor point. Extending the rope's life even further. What’s more, the ropes themselves are made of the strongest Poly Dracon and come with a heavy-duty nylon sleeve.

Even though it is quite an expensive option, Firebreather is so confident in the quality of their battle rope that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with them. This poly Dacron rope is available in 30 40 and 50 feet lengths.

best battle ropes for youth

*Best Battle Ropes for Youth

The XGEAR battle rope is manufactured from 100% Poly Dacron for guaranteed durability. It is available in 3 sizes; 30 40 and 50 feet, so there is something for all levels of fitness, men, women, and youth.

XGEAR claim that they have their own unique braiding technology that increases the durability and longevity of their battle ropes. This uses an 8-strand thick construction that will absolutely not come undone even after the most brutal of rope sessions. With this, users will be able to exert more control over the movement of the ropes.

The ropes come with an Oxford waterproof sleeve to prevent any fraying. Alongside this, the rope features extra-long heat shrink handles to give you a solid and comfortable grip while protecting your hands from friction burn as you pound your upper body. An extra bonus of the XGEAR rope is that it comes with an anchor, a stainless-steel carabiner and wall mount.

The battle rope is available in a black and yellow, or black and red combination. Both have a sleek, stylish look to them with a pop of colour to add some personality. The price reflects the quality, but do not let that scare you off if you are someone very serious about the use of battle rope as part of a workout.

The XGEAR battle rope is one of the best and is sure to get you to your fitness goals no matter what they are. You will be able to use these without fear of damaging them. They are a high-quality piece of equipment that provides an effective and fun substitute for your bog-standard weights.

best budget battle rope

*Best Budget Battle Rope

Now I know some of you may be surprised to see Amazon Basics featuring in a sports equipment guide, however, the Amazon Basics battle rope makes for a budget-friendly, yet reliable option.

The ropes are made of a polyester blend, with a 3-strand thick design, that helps prevent with fraying and general wear and tear. The ropes are available in 1.5ich and 2inch, 30 40 feet and 50 feet and roll up easily and compactly making it portable and easy to store. If you are looking for portable battle ropes, then these are perfect.

If you are a beginner or just simply curious to try using battle ropes, then the Amazon Basics battle ropes are the one for you. They come in a variety of sizes so there is something for every level of fitness.

The level of effort you put in will be the same whatever kind of ropes you by, so do not make the mistake of dismissing this brand right away. It’s an inexpensive and durable option that comes with an Amazon Basics limited one-year warranty. So, if you want to kit out your home gym without burning a hole in your pocket then the Amazon Basics battle ropes are the option for you!

best battle rope overall

*Best Battle Rope Overall

The Power Guidance battle ropes are manufactured using 100% Poly Dacron in a sturdy 3-strand twisted design that aims for long-term durability. Additionally, the Power guidance battle ropes are covered in an all-nylon sleeve to prevent friction and increase longevity.

Power Guidance has a superior style of heat shrink handles as they have two thickness for you to choose from! The first is 1.5 inches, which fits the bill for most athletes, and the other thickness is 2 inches, which is best for users who are looking for a tougher grip. Both choices mold to the shape of your hand after frequent use, giving you a more secure and sturdy grip when performing the exercises.

While the price of the ropes may scare some, Power Guidance are fully confident in their products and invite users to contact them should they not be satisfied. These are definitely some of the best battle ropes available right now, and power Guidance offers a lot of versatility regarding length, width, and heat cap thickness, allowing you to personalize it to yourself as best as possible.

A Final Summary

Hopefully, this guide has demonstrated the power and potential of using battle ropes to improve cardio fitness, sculpt muscle and cut that body fat. Whether you are planning on solely using battle rope routines or incorporating it into your regular routine, you won’t need to spend too long on it before you start to feel the effects! The beauty of the battle ropes is that they are a total body workout as they strengthen your arms, shoulders, legs, core and pretty much any other muscle group you can think of.

There are several great brands out there offering battle rope designs, however, we believe that XGEAR produces the best battle ropes out there currently! It maintains a balance between exceptionally practical and stylishly sleek (for a rope at least). While it's certainly not one of the cheaper options, consider this an investment as this rope is not going to give up on you anytime soon. Additionally, unlike some of the other brands, it comes with an anchor, a stainless-steel carabiner, and a wall-mount. So, with that in mind, it makes the price less scary as you aren’t just paying for the rope.

Alternatively, if you are new to the fitness world or just fancy trying the ropes, then the best option overall for you would be the ZENY battle ropes, as their specifications are more suitable for beginners and are also more affordable. Either way, you are going to feel the burn with any one of these best battle ropes!

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